Solar Generating unit

Here at Southwest Solar Solutions we believe so strongly in the systems we design and the products we use, that we just had to put it all together and show the power we can harvest from natural elements and so the portable Solar Generator was born.

Using state of the art technology, we designed and built a fully portable system that can produce mains electricity from the wind and the sun and is so powerful that it can power a house direct from sunshine with batteries to back the system up at night.
In the summer we travel around with the solar generator powering a large venue, showing that there is a natural way to move forward for our energy needs.
The system we have designed and use is the most efficient in Europe, using only 1.500watts of energy to run the whole venue (thatís less power than making a piece of toast!).

A Bespoke Solar Generator design and build service is also available. Whether Mobile or Fixed/Stand Alone, big or small, we can cater for nearly all applications, empowering you with a never ending green clean silent alternative to fossil fuel.

Bookings for the hire of the PA and Solar Generator are now being taken and our diary is filling so to avoid disappointment call today. For more technical info contact Tony or John.

why use our solar generator ?

Good for the environment. Good for your wallet. good for your green credibility. good for the future. simply better.

Clean :
No exhaust. No carbon emissions. No oil refuelling no moving parts not quiet but silent in operation
Ask any sound engineer who has worked with Mobile Solar Power and they will tell you nothing compares to the crisp, fuzz-free power a solar generator will give you with no fluctuation in voltage as the computers management system is constantly monitored.

Quiet :
Around the building site, where communication is of paramount importance, silent power generation from the solar generator is even more valuable. our generator will give your green build the credentials a green build needs right from day one

Reliable :
Our solar generators are reliable and correctly sized for each application rolling onto site with two days of power already stored in the battery backup. no need to be stopped and refuelled they are continuously being charged even on the cloudiest of days here in the UK
The beauty of our solar generators lies in their simplicity.

Affordable :
Even though the original cost for a solar generator is higher than some petrol and diesel generators, it will save you money in the long run. These units will last longer, require less maintenance, and don't rely on increasingly expensive fossil fuels to power them offset these against the initial costs and its easy to see the savings
If you rely on petrol or diesel generators to power your home, caravan boat remote property, think of the money you'll save on fuel alone. Add in all of the maintenance work and various mechanical problems that come with an internal combustion generator and you can see why a solar generator is a good choice.

Durable :
With panels designed to withstand hailstorms that could seriously injure you and a 25 yr. guarantee, and inverters built to standup to rugged, extreme-weather conditions, these solar generators will go the distance and perform for decades.

Good for business :
Owning a solar generator is very beneficial, whether youíre saving money on fuel or showing your customers that you care about the environment. Watch as people drive by and stare then watch as they realise what it is and smile.

Safe :
These units pose no threat to the devices you run of them. You should never worry about that expensive laptop or power tools. In fact, you're better off running them on a solar generator than gambling with the sporadic power provided by the national grid or from fossil fuelled types of generators.
In short they are simply better cleaner safer more reliable alternative way to generate electricity and will give any event or new build great green credentials .

the soundsystem and lighting rig combined uses less energy than an electric toaster

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