Solar Energy

The great thing about solar energy is you empower the customer and make them individually responsible and sustainable for their own energy consumption.

There is a great sense of satisfaction and a feeling that you are now making a difference by using a natural resource to help reduce the UK's carbon footprint even though it may be on a small scale, if we all work together we can achieve great things.

With no running costs after installation and no environmental consequences in there use, a solar system is a great way to do your bit for our failing planet. Your household energy consumption can be significantly reduced or even reversed if you yourself are willing to make some small changes in your energy needs (ask us - we can help)

Cornwall has more daylight hours than anywhere in mainland UK and even on overcast and cloudy conditions your new solar system can generate a useful amount of electricity reducing your bills and lowering your carbon footprint.

Once fitted, your new photovoltaic (pv) solar system will generate electricity for many years and feed it through your meter to the national grid; you will then be paid for the surplus that your panels produce from your new green tariff supplier.

make a change make a difference
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